A mission of our organization is to render supports and help Mongolian elders, have their pressing issues resolved and increase their contribution to civil society.


  • To focus on decent ratio of retirement pension, to augment low pensions

  • One of the biggest problems for pensioning is an impossibility to determine real wage. Therefore, it needs to tackle this problem by means of establishing standard wage.

  • To estimate reimbursement period based on employment years.

  • To adjust an issue on determining normal, hard and hazardous working conditions, which was remained unchanged from old social system

  • To cut banking interest of retirement pension loans

  • To implement a law on elders’ foundation and to operate it permanently and transparently.

  • To involve elders, in the first turn, in allocations from wealth of mineral resources

  • To ensure elders to get involved in housing program without any discrimination

  • To create a legal environment to grant tax depreciations to individuals and entities that conducted activities and renders supports for elders

  • To implement a new policy on health issues of elders

  • To pay attention on elders’ job place, increasing their income and providing  them with an opportunity to get loan

  • To streamline Mongolia’s policy and activity for elders into international standards

  • To alter decisions on retirement pension, benefits and allowances for elders, that were made differently

  • To change social attitude for elders