Welcome to our website. We wish you elders a long, convenient and peaceful life for your hard effort and contributions to our Mongolia’s independence, development, history, culture and later generation’s well being. Mongolian Open Union of Elders is established in 2004, which initiated and handled a lot of activities such as retired people’s pension, allowance for mothers who have many children, allowance and accommodations for veterans, natural resource licenses, considerations for elders who aged more than 100, governance of elders attracting public and authorities’ attention onto above mentioned issues. On 24 Feb 2013, We made cooperation contract with newly configured Innovational Government, in order to handle and arrange problems facing to elders who devoted their work and youth ageto development and construction of motherland. We know that issues such as retirement pension, considerations for elders’ health and safety, reward, care, employment, accommodation, and public appeal for elders have been not so good since democratization. We are realizing that our organization has multiple commitments which are respecting ancestry who have great history, and demising their valuable instructions to our youths, and strictly keeping connection between elders and next generation. In order to do these important commitments, all elders should be unified and should cooperate with us.

Let Mongolia prosper


Head of the Union, Baasan Geleg